Abolition of Child labour.”

Nicaragua –San Lucas.

Selection of the community

I chose the community through connections I established there. In addition, I decided to pick this particular organization. They deal with a high incidence of child labour in this community and I wanted to be a part of it.


Gathering information

I worked with different members of the community who had positive visions for every child in our community. Through doing this I gathered information on the total number of schools and worked out how many children did not attend in that area.

Create a formal committee of individual interested people:

I then selected a committee of interested people who helped to select children and make a positive improvement. They discussed the issues in that community and developed way in which to protect them. 



Implement the plan.

I got a job in the community and we decided that we would try to ensure that every child had the opportunity to go to school.




Centers of Motivation:

Older children from the age of 9 – 14 years attend motivational support centres and if possible, they are helped with the guidance of the school principal. They hopefully are given the confidence to study with these centres, and in a short time are encouraged to leave child labour and attend school.

Strengthening school:

Strengthening the school is very important for the children. Especially to see the results we want. If we have a good school then it will be easier to encourage the kids to go and eliminate child labour.



Committees of education:

The committee established could help either directly or indirectly with the schools to enable them to have their full role in strengthening the school.


 Retention of children in school:

Keeping the children at school is as important as getting them there in the first place. The probability that former child labourers leave school is very high. After admitting the children into school, we have developed these tactics to keep them there.


 Continuous Monitoring of Children:

We work on continuous maintenance to enhance rights for the children even as they get older. For example, there is a chance, especially with girls, that they leave school, they get married or become employed. The scool talks about these issues with them and encourages the parents to keep these children in school to get education rather than child labour.


Elimination of child labour. The universalization of education Protection Rights of the Child: