November Global Action Month

Children and young people from the Terre des Hommes International Youth Network (IYN) started the Global Month of Action (GAM) for the rights of children in 2014. Every year during the month of November, on the occasion of the anniversary of the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, childhood and youth, carry out public actions to present their demands for the fulfillment of their rights.

The GAM 2019 has been organized with the theme of the right of children to a healthy future in the face of the threat of climate change and education for peace.

A few months ago, fifty-two young people between 15 and 21 years old organized the Youth Network of the municipality of Las Sabanas Madriz, which is made up of women and men from rural communities, linked to actions carried out by INPRHU Somoto in this territory. The main objective is to articulate and mobilize actions for the environmental rights of children, adolescents and youth.

“In Global Action Month, we are carrying out activities such as: protection of water sources with small plants, these plants are water accumulators and water protectors, community cleaning and sanitation, presentation of plays with which we reflect on the importance of protecting the environment, campaign for the non-use of disposable products, tour of orchards of patios to exchange experiences and seeds, we also do sports events that help us stay healthy ”

Julissa Vílchez, Delegate of the youth network, Las Sabanas


Young people are also actively involved in the construction of regulations for harmonious coexistence, which help to improve community and inter-community relations in this sense, together with adults, they have organized “coexistence” which are spaces for exchange, personal growth and improving communication at all levels, they also share food produced or made by each community group.

“In the month of global action, let us join efforts to face the adversities of climate change and create environments of peace in communities”