Tour guides are ambassadors of a region, they are the first and sometimes the only representation of the population that a visitor will find.

International Tourist Guide Day has been celebrated since 1990 every February 21 throughout the world. This date was chosen because it was the day of the creation of the World Federation of Professional Tourism Guides (WFTGA), an association that thanks to joint work has managed to dignify the profession and increase its promotion.

INPRHU SOMOTO, has been training 234 young people with skills in Sustainable Rural Tourism with a Business Approach since 2017, in the municipalities of Totogalpa, Somoto, Las Sabanas and San Lucas, which are accredited by the INATEC National Technological Institute .

Sustainable rural tourism course with a business focus

In addition, micro businesses have been financed referring to the Tourism sector where our young people put into practice their skills as tour guides in Laguna la Bruja El Pegador, Las Sabanas, El Cañón de Somoto with micro-business “Somotana Tours“, Beekeeping Tours implemented by COOPERATIVA de Jóvenes Sabans Tour Tribe, among other micro-businesses that complement the community rural tourism circuit.

At the local level we are allied with the Rio Coco Park GEO Platform helping us to:

Establish contacts with associations of tourist guides and individuals.
Improve the image of the profession and promote the use of specific local tourist guides in all regions.
Develop training and improve the quality of guidance through education and training.
Facilitate the exchange of information between members

Today we remember that sustainable tourism is one that maintains the balance between social, economic and ecological interests. “World Tourism Organization”

Congratulations Tourist Guides